About Us

Riviera’s vision is to be a brand of choice for the common man, corporate and all the endeavors working towards social upliftment by offering them the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective technology and latest designs mobile phone accessories and to meet the end user needs through the rapid deployment of latest technology. To realize this vision, Riviera is developing evolutionary building blocks- starting with offering hi-tech mobile phone accessories accessible at highly competitive price. To retain and build the team necessary for these developments, Riviera is nurturing a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to- “BRING DIFFERENCE”.

The basic force that drives brand RIVIERA is passion and commitment in overcoming all the challenges coming in its way. Brand Riviera is catering the needs of mobile phone users since last 20 years. After proving itself as an undisputed leader in mobile phone accessory market, Riviera considered to go for a vast exclusive range and logical extension of adding bluetooth speakers, LED TVs etc. in its product line. Riviera believes in a fact that superior performance reached through competitive advantage will ensure market leadership. In this regard, Riviera relishes competitive edge in various attributes. Riviera’s 20 years substantial experience in developing market of India provides a competitive strength over others.

The company has an organized and highly extensive sales and distribution network of around 2000 distributors and 40000 retailers. Further, Riviera's ability to reach every corner of India and effective supply chain and operations management means that higher efficiency can be maintained. Riviera has been the leader in very big range of mobile phone chargers and batteries also.

Currently, it is offering approx. 20 types of mobile phone chargers and 550 types of mobile phone batteries, becoming the only company in India to offer such a wide range. Riviera profitably offers mobile phones accessories with targeting low, mid & premium segments for all end users.

The pioneer in mobile phone accessories has to offer a wide range of latest mobile accessories like- latest and good pic of CHARGER/HANDSFREE/POWER BANK/BATTERY


  • Handsfree

  • Mobile charger

  • Back Cover

  • Pen Drive


The company has built a diverse product portfolio to meet the needs of different consumer segments. Thus Riviera aims to increase its competitiveness by broadening its low cost product portfolio catering the need of its wide customer and end user base. The company believes that customization is an important element to gain greater customer satisfaction. For this, Riviera is strategically using CRM as a competitive tool and is committed to meet customer needs in mobile phone accessories. To strengthen consumer loyalty and trust, the company continues to renew its leading brand equity. Riviera enjoys the competitory vantage of a strong base of brand loyal customers, which is a result of goodwill and trust gained by the company in this period of last 20 years. RIVIERA, thus, welcomes you to join the league and experience the difference delightedly.