Technology in the year 2022

Technology in the year 2022.

Technology in the year 2022
Due to the rise of AI in the modern world, there are numerous amazing tech announcements for gadgets awaiting in the year 2022. From continued upgrades to voice search and battery technology, here in the blog, we will discuss some new and continuing tech trends for 2022.
Top 5 tech trends 2022
The Covid - 19 pandemic will continue to affect our life in numerous ways in 2022. This means that the world will continue to see an accelerated rate of digitization in the business industry. However, the most important tech trends in 2022 will most likely focus on digital convergence.
Here are a few predictions from tech experts about the technology and trends that will dominate the tech industry in 2022 and beyond.
1.  Artificial intelligence (AI)
A few years back, “smart” usually meant to stay connected - smartphones or smart TVs or any other smart devices for that matter were connected to the internet. However, today “smart” increasingly means powered by AI. It is expected that companies will have 35 AI initiatives in their businesses by 2022. The AI and machine learning industry are expected to expand at a CAGR of 44% to US$9 billion by 2022. AI is literally transforming the tech sector by helping big and small organizations alike in achieving their objectives.
One of the most popular AI trends is the analysis and forecasting of business. Using AI, business forecasting has proved to be far more straightforward than any other approach tried and tested in the past. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are also being used to make IoT devices and services smarter. According to a report published by Gartner, over 80% of IoT initiatives in companies will use AI and ML by 2022.
2. Predictive analytics
Predictive analysis is the machine learning process of using historical data to make predictions about future performance. Data analytics and predictive analysis are going to be big game changers in not only the tech industry but almost in every business domain.
3. The no code revolution
No code has become a crucial component in the tech world. It allows you to build software applications without coding and hence is a great alternative to traditional software development. It is especially popular with startups and small businesses due to its simplicity and quick accessibility. This is the reason why no code has grown exponentially. Early-stage entrepreneurs have been quick to embrace the tech considering the fact that the solution is cost-effective as well. As the no code revolution continues, it is most likely that we will see a boom over the next decade. It is estimated that the no-code space will be worth $22 billion by 2022.
4. Adoption of cloud technology
With so many businesses and organizations around the world adopting the work from home model, there is no doubt that the adoption of cloud technology will continue to rise. The growth of the same has transformed business technology to another level. Today, cloud applications and services are integrated into numerous business operations. Businesses of all sizes are using the technology for a variety of uses.   For instance, cloud technology is a great way to make applications available to your employees.
5. Voice search technology
Voice is becoming a primary search technology and if your business isn’t focusing on it, there are high chances that you might be missing out on a lot of good business opportunities. Today, more than 30% of us now use voice assistants daily and nearly everyone is aware of voice search technology. Every enterprise should actively work to reach the top of local search results as voice-based search queries deliver locally based results. The latest statistics even show that almost 40% of users already use voice to make purchases.
It is pretty obvious to guess the voice search technology trends that we will be seeing in the coming years:
●    The way we search will change significantly
●    With voice assistants becoming more efficient, results will become more personalized and accurate
Lastly, with energy consumption increasing around along with the world’s population, electric cars, smart grids, new battery technology are a few of the areas where advances in sustainability are expected in 2022.  
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